65 year old male; long term diagnosis of hypertension (4 medications daily); sinus cardia bradia (mild); pvc (mild). 6'4" 250lbs given the above diagnosis and with a major most concern for stroke, the question is: when searching for a cardiologist which

A bit confused by ? Please re-post. However, establishing with a board certified physician would be a great start.
Good . Good question, and it can often be confusing, especially in large hospitals or urban centers where there are not only specialists but also sub- and sub-sub-specialists. For your questions, a general cardiologist should be able to take care of what you need. If you are working on primary prevention (preventing your first stroke) then a general cardiologist would be ideal. If there are other issues, carotid artery disease, arrhythmias, etc, the cardiologist may send you to other providers as well to assist in your care such as a vascular surgeon.