Have pain in my butt for 17months had every test known to man nothing shows, I think it is a pinched nerve, pain 24 7. I am now going to a neuro surgeon on monday I pray he can diagnois me. I'm on anti depressants. They help me to cope but still in seve

Pain . Confirm suspected pain generator with diagnostic injection before considering surgery .Friendly advice if area is tender to pressure begin with a simple trigger point injection.
The . The key is seeing if your symptoms and physical exam signs correlate with the proper imaging study, a MRI of the lumbosacral spine (back). Ninety percent of patients with herniated discs, which is what it sound like you have, do not need to progress to surgery. If an EMG is negative it is unlikely you need surgery. Surgery is highly likely if you have a change in your bowl or bladder function, or definitive muscle weakness like foot drop. Appropriate x-ray guided injection therapy (transforaminal epidural injections) to the exact level where you have a disc herniation with steoid medication can be very effective with pain relief. You should seek out a pain medicine physician who is board certified.