What can I do about my daughters yeast rash? My 18mo baby was treated for a yeast rash was given ketoconazole cream. Still there after 2weeks but worse. Was persc. Clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate and cephalexin. In the morn her left had was ho

A . A rash that has been treated with all these therapies is very difficult to make suggestions for further therapies without seeing the rash. I would have expected a typical diaper dermatitis due to yeast to have cleared with the ketoconazole. I would be hesitant to use a stronger steroid under a diaper. I would suggest making an appointment with your pediatrician or a dermatologist. Emergency room doctors are generally not use to treating diaper rashes. Rashes just have to be seen to diagnose accurately and treat appropriately.
Too much medication. After all that medication it may be time to try an old fashion method. First wash the baby with soap and water.Use a hair dryer to make sure the baby is meticulously dry. Then leave her bottom open to the air. If you have a goose neck lamp leave it over the diaper area for 20 minutes intervals.