Most of the week I go to bed around 10pm or 11 pm. I have a 9 am to 5pm schedule at work but lately it has became very hard for me to go back to sleep after waking up at 2 or 3 am in the morning. I just toss and turn. What can I try?

What changed? A lot of people have trouble with staying asleep so you are not alone. When it is unusual for you then consider what changed in your life at the time this started. That will usually be a tip off. The other thing about this is not to fight it. If you haven't gone back to sleep in 15 min. Then get out of bed, read a book (no tv or computer) with soft light and go back to bed when you are sleepy.
Sleep. Try relaxing an hour before bed time by shutting off all your electronic devices including your texting and television. Listen to relaxing music. Read a moderately dull book. Take a warm shower.
First. First try getting rid of caffeine and stress in your life to see if this helps. Then I would ask, are you tired or sleepy during the day? If so you should make an appointment with a sleep specialist in your area to analyze your case and offer some suggestions, possibly an overnight sleep study to find out what is waking you up.