If someone is taking Suboxone will this show up on a drug test for a job. If I am going for a drug test for a new job do I need to tell them I have a prescriptions for this.

Depends. Most tests done by employers does not include drugs usually given by prescription; in addition, Buprenorphine (the main drug in suboxone) does not show up on most screening tests. However, if they ask you for what prescription meds you are on, not telling the truth will get you in trouble. Testing + for bup might get you into trouble, but lying almost always will.
As . As you probably already know, suboxone is a synthetic opiate used to treat opiate dependence. The medication is not supposed to show up in a standard urine drug screen, which is intended to screen for traditional opiates (and other potential drugs of abuse). But, there is a small chance it will trigger a false positive result. Your medical history is private, and i would suggest that you only tell them about the prescription in the event of a positive test. If you test positive, you will also likely need a letter from your doctor explaining why. Good luck with the new job!