I frequently have bouts with depression that I cannot explain. Can this be related to my medical condition, I have hypothyroidism for the last 2 years or longer, I have experienced mood swings that last for a few hours the change. I have been hypothyroid

I'm . I'm so glad you're sharing your question with the avvo readership, as it raises several important issues: 1) an accurate diagnosis is the most important thing right now. It's extremely important that you go to a psychiatrist who will take time to sort out the issues at hand. 2) at age 52, hormonal changes occur that can lead to unpredictable mood swings. If your period has become unpredictable, you may be perimenopausal. If so, there are treatments that can help with these accompanying symptoms. 3) it would be easy to see if you need a change in your thyroid hormone dose by doing a blood test. Your doctor has probably already done this, but it's good to ask him or her. However, what do you feel like when you say, "your body cannot produce enough of the hormone?" are you tired, cold, sleeping poorly, concentrating poorly, noticing changes in your weight and appetite? To be more specific with your symptoms will be very helpful to your doctor, and if you see a psychiatrist for further clarification, to that person as well. Thanks for sending this question in. I hope this answers was helpful.
Depression is a . Symptom of hypothyroidism. Have your medication regimen evaluated to make sure that your thyroid functions are stable and at the appropriate level. If your depression persists, you may benefit from psychotherapy.