I have a painful bladder infection, but I do not have any health insurance. What home remedy can I use to releive the pain fast and treat the infection?

None. I'm sorry but you need a prescription antibiotic. Tell the doctor you have no insurance and he could prescribe a generic antibiotic such as trimethoprim/sulfa which is inexpensive. Good luck.
There . There are several touted home remedies for urinary tract infections (uti), but the best evidence is for cranberry juice. Research studies have shown that a metabolite from cranberries (and blueberries too) helps prevent bacteria from colonizing the bladder. But, it is more effective at preventing utis than treating them. If you already have a uti, cranberry juice may have a modest antibiotic effect but it may not be enough by itself. If you develop fever, chills, cloudy urine, or back or flank pain then you should definitely seek out a physician asap. Untreated utis can result in a kidney infection, which is a very serious condition that requires immediate treatment.