I wanna know if my illness can be treated in your state hello, i'd like to make an appointment at your clinic, for the month of april this year, because I have an eye problem. I live in romania and I will be able to get to miami for treatment, but, abov

What condition? Unfortunately, your question was cut off mid-sentence! i specialize in cataract and lens implant surgery, and can certainly help someone in need of these services. If your condition is related to another area of the eye, i would be able to refer you to the appropriate physician in this area. Feel free to contact me via my website: www.Sighttrust.Com.
It's . It's important to use your resources wisely. Many large university centers in europe and the United States are currently conducting studies for rp including nutritional therapy with vitamin a, gene therapy and implantable microchips. Some resources: http://www.Doheny.Org/research/retina.Html http://www.Retina-implant.De/en/about/supervisory/cv_zrenner/default.Aspx http://www.Brps.Org.Uk.