As a high school student, is there any advice I could get to becoming a cardaic surgeon or cardiologist? I have been looking into the medical feild for a future job for several years now and I have been narrowing down what I truely want to become and card

This . This is a great question. First, i would say that you should concentrate on pursuing a well-rounded education at your early stage, and of course, focus on learning the material to your best ability and getting good grades. I would also recommend that you shadow a physician to see what their day to day routine is like. Be sure that you could picture yourself in the field, but keep in mind there are countless types of physicians and work environments (medicine vs. Surgery; hospital vs. Clinic; private practice vs. Academic medical center, etc) there are many excellent specialties in medicine, and although you have identified cardiovascular medicine/surgery you may change your mind. If after shadowing doctors you are confident that the field is right for you, then you will need to identify work or volunteer experiences in addition to your college studies. This will help you develop a well-rounded experience as you apply to med school. Good luck! you are still young, but the future is yours for the taking.
Study hard, very . Hard and get great grades. Also volunteer work and research in the medical field is beneficial.