I am 58 years old. I started having regular palpitations two weeks ago. I used to have them occasionally, once or twicea month. If I am sitting still, they calm down, but as soon as I start moving, they start again. It is worrisome. What should I do?

Might need a doc. I would consider a glass of water, just because is easy. At times dehydration might cause those symptom you describe. Are you well hydrated, you drink enough: if yes than you need to see a doc.
Regular palpitations. Go see your regular physician who can check an ekg to let you know whether they are worrisome your just a nuisance.
Your . Your palpitations can be due to one of a number of abnormal heart rhythms, but it is difficult to comment much more without knowing more about your cardiovascular health history. You should definitely be evaluated by your physician. He or she could do an electrocardiogram in the office, and potentially send you home with a monitor that would record your heart rhythm during these events. It may be a benign rhythm that is easily treated, but if you have a history of heart disease or high blood pressure then it may be more serious.