Is it okay to take l-arginine while taking losartan, nicardipine & metropolol? I saw on dr. Oz that l-arginine was a good supplement to take if one has high blood pressure. I also saw that hibiscus tea was good for lowering blood pressure. Is it ok to tak

This . This should be fine, but with a few caveats. First. L-arginine is an unproven dietary supplement. It may be helpful, but there is no convincing evidence. And just because it is a natural supplement does not mean it is necessarily safe. If you haven't already, a more effective and natural way to help your blood pressure would be to cut out sodium and increase your intake of fresh foods. Your combination of drugs indicates to me that you have a substantial blood pressure problem. You should discuss these supplements with your physician and your pharmacist to be sure there are no interactions, and always let healthcare professionals know what supplements and over-the-counter medicines you are taking in addition to your prescriptions. Although uncommon, in some cases these ordinary supplements and otc meds can cause negative drug interactions with your important prescriptions.