How can I get rid of ingrown toe nails? I have major problems with ingrown toenails, I clip them out only to have them back in a short period of time.

Ingrown nails. Many times, ingrown nails are actually caused by a deformity at the nail root or matrix. If you have had to remove them several times, chances are some type of surgical procedure would need to be done to stop the nail from growing at that border. It is a simple procedure and has very good outcomes.
Different options. Some ingrown toenail removal procedures are performed without numbing the toe, but often, anesthesia is necessary. Your physician may use a cold spray to minimize the discomfort from the injection. The discomfort experienced from the injection will depend on your pain tolerance and the presence and severity of the infection if present. Following the injection, the procedure should be painless.
Surgery. Toenail surgery performed by a certified podiatrist.
It . It is important to cut your nails straight across and not trim them down into the corners of your toes. Also, wear shows that are wide at the front, so that they don't put any pressure on the toes from the side...High heels that come to a point put a lot of pressure on the toes, causing the nails to get ingrown. If they do persist, you should see your physician, who can numb up your toe and remove the part of the nail that keeps getting ingrown. If it still continues, your doctor can use an acid to kill the cells that produce the nail that keeps getting ingrown so that it doesn't grow back. You would then be left with a skinnier nail, less likely to get ingrown.