I have arthropathy at l2-3, l3-4, l4-5 and L5 -s1 im on pain all the time what is arthropathy

Arthritic joint. Arthropathy describes an arthritic joint. Based upon your description, you likely have a radiology report that is describing your facet (or zygopophyseal) joints. These are the joints in the back of the spine (behind the disc and spinal canal). There are two at each spinal level.

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Pcp & chiro agree I should consider surgery for lower back l3-4 bulge l4-5 herniation l5-s1 bulge. I'm scared what do I need to know and consider?

Ask. Ask for an opinion from a reputable neurosurgeon or ortho that does back surgery. Most bulges are treated medically unless there is nerve damage that might become permanent . With time the disk will dehydrate and diminish in size with decrease of symptoms without surgery. Read more...