I am wearing a hearing aid inside my ear, will that mean that earwax will accumulate in the ear?

Often does. Not always but often. Depends on the ear, wide ear canals, less of a problem. Narrow ear canals - definitely a problem. Make sure to keep routine followups with your dispensing audiologist or hearing aid dispenser, and if they identify wax buildup they can refer you to an ENT to have it removed in clinic.
Often does. Ear wax (cerumen) can be trapped and accumulate in the ear canal of some folks who use hearing aids. If the cerumen occludes the ear canal, it will require removal.
Sometimes. In some people the hearing aid will lead to a stimulation of wax production and in some the aid will prevent the wax from its normal clearing from the canal. If you are have trouble see an ENT to check your ears and hearing aid.