Event recorder? I am suffering with palpitations from a long time and I have fainting issues, short of breathe, chest pain. I want to put on event recorder to see what's going on with me? How can I do that? My physician did holter monitoring for a 24 ho

30 day event recorde. Ask your doctor to order a "30 day event recorder" - it's also called a "king of hearts" monitor. If your doctor doesn't have access to one, ask him/her to arrange it at the hospital as most hospitals can get them.
It . It is difficult to provide helpful information without knowing your age or anything else about you, but if you are fainting once a week, a 30day event monitor would often be included in your evaluation (along with a physical exam, electrocardiogram and perhaps some other studies). It would certainly help your evaluation for you to be wearing such a monitor when you faint.