How serious are "minor fractures" of the eye socket (orbital fractures)?

Orbit fracture. Orbital fractures that require intervention are those that affect vision, create a cosmetic deformity or affect movement of the eye.
Depends on "minor" How minor is "minor"? If no symptoms whatsoever, no change in appearance of the eye or eye socket, no vision changes, no double vision, and the only thing is a fracture identified on the ct scan, then that's what i'd call minor and nothing needs to be done. With visual or other symptoms or cosmetic deformity, should usually be fixed.
Not very... Minor injuries occur to someone else, major injuries happen to you. Joking aside, if you have no cosmetic deformity, changes in eye position, double vision, blurry vision or other symptoms, surgery is often not needed. There is not a specific definition for "minor fractures, " so make sure you see a facial plastic surgeon with experience in facial fractures. Best wishes.
Depends where it is. Any injury to the eye socket bones can be serious. Not all require surgical repair but it is essential that you have a complete eye exam to be sure there is no injury inside the eye. The decision on whether the fracture needs surgery depends on where it is, how large it is and whether it affects the nerves or muscle around the eye.

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My Eye socket is fractured. My sight is fine but after two weeks it is still bruised and the eye looks sunken in. Do I need surgery?

See oculoplastic Dr. The contraction of soft tissue, possible fibrosis/scarring may be occurring from the fracture as swelling goes down. you should see your eye doctor to be seen by an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation & fracture repair. You will be tested for range of motion, exophthalmometer to see how sunken your eye is & whether there's muscle entrapment present. Your repair needs to happen now. Don't delay! Read more...

Son has 2 minor fractures on a eye socket. Serious or self-healing?

"minor"=self-healing. Obviously, the important word here is "minor." whoever told you the fractures were "minor" would be the best person to answer this question, as they have seen the x-rays, examined your son, etc. If the fractures are minor, they will heal without surgery with very little risk of long-term effects. These fractures are usually non-displaced, meaning that the bone is cracked but still in place. Read more...