How much is the cost of mohs surgery? Patient has squamos cell carcinoma and is uninsured. What kind of costs can I expect? I can't really get a straight answer out of anyone.

Variable. Your dermatologist / mohs surgeon should be able to give you an estimate. Is will be a range because it is based on the number of stages required to clear the cancer as well as the type of repair required to reconstruct the surgical defect. Many may offer payment plans, or even courtesy fee reduction if you have a financial hardship.
Varies. The cost depends on how many stages are required to remove the skin cancer, what type of repair, whether special stains are used, and what region of the country. Costs in some regions may be higher due to higher rent, higher cost of running a business, higher taxes, higher expenses, etc. The mohs surgeon should be able to give you an out-of-pocket estimate after seeing the patient.
Expensive. Moh's surgery is performed almost exclusively by dermatologists. It is expensive because it is very time and labor intensive. Some dermatologists who perform moh's surgery can provide charity care. There are other methods for removing squamous cell carcinoma, so be sure and ask for alternatives to moh's as well. For some large tumors of the face, moh's is clearly the best method though.
There . There is no set fee. Fee's depend on the extent of the mohs surgery.