Am I having skipped heartbeats? : it feels as though someone is 'squeezing' my heart - much like a sponge. I get them after I eating mostly. I don't feel- short of breath dizzy or nauseous how do I know whether these are vascular symptoms or just somet

Most likely benign. But inconvenient premature beats...A holter or event monitor could determine for sure.
Could be. If your squeezing symptom lasts just a second and then goes away, it could be from a skipped, or, more likely, an extra heartbeat. If the squeezing is constant for more than a few seconds, it is less likely due to extra heartbeats. Chest symptoms that are very brief (seconds) are only very rarely life threatening.
There . There are several important structures in the chest, and this may not be heart related at all. Given your young age, and the fact that this happens after eating, it is likely related to your esophagus or stomach. Esophageal spasm from heart burn would feel like a squeezing pressure in the chest and is often mistaken for heart pain. Do you have heart burn? Have you tried antacids? I would recommend you talk more with your primary care doctor, but think this is very unlikely to be your heart.