My heart stop for secand /s I been have it for 2 weeks now, its feel like my heart stop for secand and the beat after that is strong and fast, I get it about 3-6 times aday, I don't know what is wrong or it is normale

You . You are describing the classic symptoms of premature contractions, either from the atrium or the ventricle (pacs or pvcs). These are not dangerous. Your heart beats at a regular rate because of regular electrical activity. An occasional early electrical impulse causes the heart to contract before it has fully filled with blood. This is the pause you feel. Then, as a result of this pause your heart has an opportunity to fill more fully than usual and the next beat will be more forceful. We call this increased contraction force potentiation. Premature contractions are are not dangerous provided you have an otherwise healthy heart. It is more common when people are fatigued, dehydrated, or drinking too much caffeine. Make sure you get an appropriate amount of sleep, are well hydrated, and try cutting back on caffeine if you drink caffeine. If these steps don't help and the symptom is bothersome, your doctor could try you on a medication. Of course, if you are known to have a heart condition make sure you tell your doctor about these new symptoms.
Need more data. Your history suggests premature beats. They merit a careful cardiac exam including your history, physical exam, ecg, chest x-rays, blood and urine tests to find the underlying cause of the arrhythmia. Special tests (an echocardiogram, a 24 hour holter test and perhaps a stress test), might be appropriate. Hypertension is a common cause. Treatment is directed at the cause.
Good description. You have described premature beats very well. A premature beat interrupts the rhythm and is not itself felt but the pause that follows it is felt. After the pause, the next beat is unusually forceful ("post-extrasystolic potentiation"). The significance depends on the overall health of your heart you need an echo, holter, and maybe a stress test + blood work.