I am planning a trip to india on feb. 12th and need immunizations. Where can I get the necessary ones? I need a health provider for typhoid, hepatitus a & b, yellow fever, diptheria and malaria medication

TravelClinic/MD. First consult your doctor and he can immunize you against Typhoid,Diptheria with Tdap,HepA eeds two shots 6 months apart and HepB needs three shots,2nd after a month and 3rd after 6 monthsThere is no need for Yellow Fever for travel to India. Malaria Prophylaxis with Lariam,doxycycline or Malarone Do not drink water unless boiled&careful with what you eat.
MD or clinic. There are travel medical clinics in my area, and they provide all the necessary inoculations needed, but call your md first and see if they can provide for your needs.
Go . Go to your general pratictionar or family practice doc.