I recently had a colposcopy due to a pap that showed hpv, with a cancer free result. I am in my 50's and wonder if getting an off-label gardasil vaccine is a good idea or a waste of money?

Good thinking yet no. data from human trials. Vaccines work by alerting immune system responses to foreign chemical structures on surface of virus/bacteria, ones not encountered previously. Little data exists on repeated challenging with related structures when person has already had clinically apparent versions of the disease. Larger issues=complexity of immune system (brain control 24/7) responses poorly understood.
No Data. No data to support taking a vaccine in your 50s especially after having already contracted hpv.
One . One you have hpv you should already have an immune response. If you has the chicken pox, then the vaccine for it does not add anything. I am unaware of any trial testing your theory but there is a government website with the following aol link that discusses what is being studied. http://www.aolhealth.com/conditions/cervical-cancer-prevention-pdq-prevention-health-professional-information-nci more studies may be available directly at the nci website. If you keep up with your pap smears there is little risk of any advanced surprises. Hysterectomy or even more limited treatment is virtually always curative for the earliest cancers. You gynecologist can give more specific information. Best wishes, hmj.