High blood pressure, how can I lower it? With foods. Thank you

DASH diet. The dietary approach to systolic hypertension (dash) diet is quite effective. www.dashdiet.org.
Lowering . Lowering your blood pressure without drugs is certainly possible, and often the first step we recommend for patients. The best approach to lowering your blood pressure with food is to follow the dash diet (www.Dashdiet.Org). The effectiveness of this diet was proven in a large clinical trial. This diet minimizes the daily intake of salt (sodium), and increases the intake of potassium. Salt raises blood pressure by causing fluid retention, and eliminating excess salt from the diet can be very effective for some people. Fresh, potassium-rich foods help lower blood pressure. An easy rule of thumb is to avoid processed foods or eating out, eat several servings of fruit and vegetables daily, and never add salt to pre-prepared food. When cooking from scratch, it is ok to add salt as a seasoning.