Depression I am going through divorce and have been experiencing emotional pain, despair and sadness. I have living in fear seeing no way out. I need help asap, but it takes weeks or months to be able to see a psychiatrist due to his/her number of patie

While . While waiting to see a psychiatrist, it would be a good idea to visit your family practice physician. A family practitioner is well-equipped to make the proper diagnosis and begin a medicaction that could start to give you relief. It sounds like you're suffering a lot and you shouldn't wait to get help. If you are experiencing any suicidal thoughts, you should go to your local emergency room. Hope this helps.
Seek other services. Depending on where you live, there are likely many other mental health providers available who could help you. These include social workers, licensed professional counselors, psychologists, pastoral counselors, psychiatric nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed family therapists, family physicians, etc. Good luck!
Quick help. When you are in crisis you have several options. Consult your insurance company or pcp for emergency referrals. Psychiatric hospitals do same day evaluations for outpatient programs. There are psychiatrists who do fee for service and have shorter waiting lists. If you can afford to pay, you can get insurance reimbursement later. Also try mental health centers and crisis phone lines.
In addition to. The suggestions from the other doctors here, there are nurse practitioners who can prescribe medication and have shorter waiting lists than psychiatrists. In the meantime, get into therapy with a psychologist or social worker.