Lookng for a new family doctor I am looking for a dr that can help with all needs medical and mental. I suffer from maligant hypertension as well as depression, adult ADHD and bi polar mania and anxeity. I am currently under meds, lisipril. Norvasc hctz,

Multidisciplinary. With medications for cardiac issues, and what are descrribed as three psychiatric conditions it would normally be well advised to have multidisciplinary treatment - psychiatry, cardiology and clinical psychology in addition to a primary care physician. These conditions can require close follow up and a lot can happen between routing pcp visits that should be monitored.
Chippewa . I am a family physician not far from you with a focus on mood disorders. I have co-written a book about bipolar depression called "the other depression: bipolar disorder" i wrote it for my patients because it is an illness that is so misunderstood. See my profile. I believe in treating people as an integrated whole. Body soul and spirit.
The . The best thing i suggest you do is find out where the closest teaching hospital is located and then ask to see one of the senior residents at their clinic. Residents see patients without insurance and for the most part, are very knowledgable and can handle mostly any problem you have. Also, because they are residents, they have some more time to talk with you and really get to the foundation of your physical and emotional stresses. Hope this helped.