I have chronic pain from spinal injuries. Are there any new treatments since radio frequency denervation for facet syndrome? I had radio frequency denervation on both sides of my neck and low back for a few yrs. It helped a lot, but was very expensive an

Not Really Anything. that is cheaper, your insurance should cover repeat treatments though. Stem Cell Therapies are available but generally are not covered by insurance so more expensive. Check out Regenexx.Com. I would suggest seeing a pain/spine specialist to evaluate you further to evaluate what level and what can be done to treat you.
Not really. While your sx of pain improved, you may actually accentuated your problem, because if you do not feel pain, you will engage in activities that\ further damage your facet joints and increase back pain from further arthritis damage. When this happens with neuropathy, we get charcot joints. Please wikipedia this term. Radiofrequency ablation of nerves is artificial focused neuropathy!
A . A new definitive treatment option was recently introduced to pain specialists a few years ago called lumbar facet fusion. Patients who continue to suffer from low back pain related to facet arthropathy, and who have failed to obtain long-term relief from conservative measures, including radiofrequency ablation, are potential candidates. The procedure involves placing erasure-sized bone plugs into the facet joints, which immobilize them, and later cause them to fuse. This is not as drastic as a lumbar fusion, which would really not be indicated for this type of problem. The success rate is high, but requires that you have your symptoms reviewed by a specialist familiar with this procedure prior to treatment. You can find information on this procedure on the web; the best known is called trufuse.