Need medication increase I am only 25 years old but have scoliosis through out my spine and arthritis in my upper back which are both extremely painful and crippling. Even simple tasks are hard because of these issues. In addition to my back I have severe

Scoliosis and pain. Scoliosis is a non painful condition and if you are experiencing pain then a complete workout is indicated to find the source of your pain and begin proper treatment. At your age your scoliosis should not be crippling you and other sources should be found. Treatment properly can result in a painless life style and you should be able to enjoy all the activities your desire with proper care.
There . There are several options you can pursue to get help. If your doctor is uncomfortable with prescribing stronger medications, then ask for a referral to a pain specialist. There are a number of newer medications that pose a lesser risk of addiction that your doctor may be more comfortable with, such as long-acting tramadol, the new Buprenorphine patch, and even celecoxib. Your age may be one reason your medications are being limited, in addition, you need to know that taking pain medications long term can also effect your testosterone level. My best advice is to ask for that referral, so that you at least get a consultation that your doctor could use as a guide to treating your pain more effectively.