Is it true that lasik is imprecise? I read on an anti-lasik website that lasik works by taking a laser to the eye, and then when the eye heals, it heals in such a way that the vision becomes more clear. The website was saying that because the final sha

While . While eyes my heal differently and result in minor deviations from the desired refractive outcomes, the majority of lasik treatmets are extremely accurate. If required, your surgeon will perform a second treatment to achieve the final refractive goal. Keep in mind that lasik is similar to receiving a permanent pair of glasses or contact lenses for your eyes. Therefore, if your refraction needs change over time, you may require additional lasik "touchups" to remain free from glasses.
Lasik is precision. When we perform lasik surgery, the amount of tissue removed by the laser is measured in microns. A micron is 1/25000th of an inch (or 1 millionth of a meter). Can you think of any other operation that is performed to such a high degree of accuracy? Lasik is incredibly precise. That being said, as the previous doctor told you, everyone is an individual and heals a bit differently.
Inaccurate website. Lasik is incredibly accurate and the website you visited is posting erroneous information. Be careful what you believe on the web. If you want accurate information, search lasik on www.Pubmed.Com.