How do I treat wisdom tooth? I do not want to get it removed. Is there any medication that can help?

It depends. If the tooth needs to be removed for any number of reasons, extensive decay, cyst, damage to adjacent tooth, insufficient room to erupt, etc, then only removing the tooth will resolve the problem. If it's just a temporary issue, antibiotics, pain medication, rinses, plus some other techniques may help. Discuss with your own dentist.
Wisdom . Wisdom teeth are the furthest back teeth in the mouth. There are a total of 4 that can come in. Not all people have wisdom teeth and many people that do, do not have any problems from them. There is no reason to "treat" wisdom teeth unless they are causing you problems....Pain, pushing the other teeth out of alignment, growing in incorrectly, getting infected, etc. Therefore there is no treatment to recommend unless you have issues related to your wisdom teeth. If you are having pain from your wisdom teeth, you can try over the counter pain medicines like tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen(if you don't have any medical reasons why you can't take these). Otherwise, removing them is the best way to get rid of the symptoms you may be experiencing. A dentist or oral surgeon can best give you the options for how to deal with your wisdom teeth.
Extraction. "anti-extraction-ists" will tell you it's not necessary to remove 3rd molars--because they've never had to remove an infected one in someone too old to have it done when healing potential is high. My guide: if you can clean it you can keep it. If you can't, take it out when you're young. If you're not young, take it out when it is infected or compromises the adjacent tooth. Simplistic, but safe.
Varies . In some cases wisdom teeth are either partially impacted that can cause food intrabment and infection, or hard to reach and keep clean( brush, floss) if that's the case they should be removed . But in perfect environment where they are easy to clean and in perfect occlusion with each other, then you can keep those and good luck.
Let them go. Wisdom teeth usually should be removed for 3 reasons. Firstly, they are very hard to access for oral hygiene, i.E brushing and flossing. Secondly, there is usually inadequate space for them to erupt into the oral cavity and in a proper occlusion. Thirdly, they are frequently partially impacted and cause food trap and leads to gingival inflammation, periocoronitis, ultimately pain and infection.
What treatment ? Does the tooth have a cavity? Is it pushing through your gum tissue? Are you biting your cheek? Is food getting trapped around it? Is it painful? Without knowing what the problem is, the best advice i can give you is to take otc pain meds and make an appointment to see a dentist. It is possible it can be treated without an extraction, but you must also be prepared for one, want it or not.