I had an MRI and it indicated I had a slight tear in my medial meniscus. I also have RA but am very active. I do about 45-60 minutes of cardio daily, plus strength training and flexibitliy. Most of the time the cardio is a combination of running, bikin

OK to be active. Meniscal tears can cause pain and/or mechanical symtoms such as catching, locking, giving way, grinding and swelling. The mechanical symptoms, if they interfere with activity, usually require arthroscopic surgery to correct. Pain can be controlled with nsaids, physical therapy and cortisone injections into the joint. It is ok to be active as long as there are no mechanical symptoms.
Sometimes. Sometimes you can have knee pain that is unrelated to a meniscus tear. I would wait and see how long your pain is gone with the cortisone injection. If the pain returns and is in the same location as the tear, surgery would be a good option. Most meniscus tears are not repaired, but rather the torn part is removed so that it no longer irritates your knee.