I'm hallucinating the smell of smoke. I've had MS for 24 years, but my MS neurologist says this isn't an MS symptom. I had 3 prolonged episodes of this smoke smelling in may-july 2010, every day for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks remission. I had an MRI for epile

COMPLEX ISSUE. Your symptoms are atypical for ms, but not impossible. Sounds like there was a consideration for auras associated with epilepsy, and questions of lesions in olfactory areas. However, you may be experiencing ephaptic reactions due to neuronal short circuiting associated with demyelination. Not a true seizure but aed's do help in most cases. I do think, unless you have sinus pathology, due to ms.
Thank. Thank you for your question as there may be 20% of ms patients who have a similar question to you. Dr. Doty at my alma mater, the university of pennsylvania wrote about the sense of smell and various neurological diagnoses back in the mid 199-s -- see: http://bit. Ly/asdnkx later, you can see: olfactory dysfunction in multiple sclerosis: relation to plaque load in inferior frontal and temporal lobes. Richard l. Doty, cheng li, lois j. Mannon, david m. Yousem from: nnals of the new york academy of sciences volume 855, olfaction and taste xii: an international symposium pages 781–786, november 1998. See: http://bit. Ly/a1iozk also see: doty rl, li c, mannon lj, yousem dm. Olfactory dysfunction in multiple sclerosis. N engl j med 1997; 336 (26): 1918-1919 doty rl, li c, mannon lj, yousem dm. Olfactory dysfunction in multiple sclerosis: relation to longitudinal changes in plaque numbers in central olfactory structures. Neurology 1999; 53 (4): 880-882 so, you are correct, this may be a symptom of ms and it may also point out that your ms is active. Another possibility is that a medication that you may be taking may contribute to this symptom. Thank you, daniel kantor, md bse medical director neurologique president florida society of neurology ---------------------------------------------------------------- we need your vote today and everyday for the next month because we have applied for a pepsi refresh everything grant to support non-mainstream ms research -- this means that ccsvi (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency), ldn (low dose naltrexone) etc. Can be studied using rigorous scientific method. We are competing against kids who have vast online social networks and we need to vote daily to support ms research. We also need you to send this link to your friends: http://pep. Si/dniprs please vote now! Http://pep. Si/cpgnxr.