How long is it safe to wait for a neurologist's appointment? I went to my doctor in august with headaches localized near my left temple. He gave me a prescription and said to return in a few weeks if they weren't better. I came back in early september, sa

Depends. If you feel that your situation is urgent contact doctor's office and ask to see you as soon as possible.
Thank. Thank you for the question -- I am sure that it is valuable to a lot of other people. Since you are still in pain, you probably want to talk to your primary care doctor to ask if there is another neurologist who may be able to see you sooner. While tens of millions of americans have headaches and 3 - 5% of the U.S. Population have 15 or more headache days a month, there are potential red flags that need to be addressed to ensure that your head pains are not dangerous for you (besides being painful). The combination of temple pain, your age, and blurry vision raise the possibility of temporal arteritis (giant cell arteritis). There is also a headache syndrome that is always one-sided (as opposed to migraines that are predominately one side or another (but can be both at the same time), call hemicrania continua. I hope that you find relief soon. Thank you, daniel kantor, md bse medical director neurologique president florida society of neurology ---------------------------------------------------------------- we need your vote today and everyday for the next month because we have applied for a pepsi refresh everything grant to support non-mainstream ms research -- this means that ccsvi (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency), ldn (low dose naltrexone) etc. Can be studied using rigorous scientific method. We are competing against kids who have vast online social networks and we need to vote daily to support ms research. We also need you to send this link to your friends: http://pep. Si/dniprs please vote now! Http://pep. Si/cpgnxr.