What is the link between bladder infections and sex? I always seem to get bladder infections after having sex. Is this possible? If so, what can I do to prevent them in the future?

Linked. In some women, the mechanical irritation and potential reflux associated with intercourse can cause urinary tract infections. Drink plenty of fluid, urinate after intercourse, maintain extra special hygiene in an attempt to prevent. If you are post menopausal, topical estrogen may help.
Yes, . Yes, some women get recurrent UTI (urinary tract infection) after sex. One explanation is that sex is traumatic and causes small tears in the urine tube and vagina. This allows the bacteria to enter or "climb" to the bladder, leading to an infection. Sex can also change the acid level of the vagina allowing harmful bacteria or yeast to reproduce and lead to infection. I would suggest urinating soon after sex, which cleans out the urine tube and decreases the risk of uti, and drinking 100% pure cranberry juice regularly...An ingredient in cranberries actually prevents the bacteria (e. Coli) from climbing up the urinary tract.