Do I have narcolepsy? Lately I have been unknowingly falling asleep for 10-15 seconds it seems like. Is this early stages of narcolepsy?

Many reasons. You likely have a sleep disorder, as you seem to be experiencing daytime hypersomnia, but this could be due to lack of sleep from insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or could be associated with medication reaction, drugs or alcohol. Certainly consider narcolepsy as a possibility, but best to see your doctor and approach the possibilities.
Your . Your symptom is concerning for some form of sleep disorder, which includes not only narcolepsy but some other things as well, like sleep apnea. It is not normal to fall asleep so quickly without knowing about it. The good news is that if it has started just recently, it may be something you can fix. You should see a doctor about this, who will refer you to a sleep clinic. I would not just let it go*it can be dangerous for two reasons. First, you could fall asleep at a dangerous moment like when driving. Second, it may indicate another disorder like sleep apnea that has other side effects if not treated.