Can vocal cord nodules interfere with breathing?

No, but. ... Classic screamer's nodules or "singer's nodules" of the vocal cords do not obstruct the airway. On the other hand, infants and children can be infected with the hpv virus (usually during vaginal delivery), and this can cause respiratory papillomas of the vocal cords - these will grown slowly and, despite being a benign disease, can result in fatal airway obstruction. If concerned, see a doc!
Not usually. It takes a large lesion to interfere with breathing. Nodules are usually small and do not cause breathing problems.
No. Classic screamer's or singer's nodules do not interfere with breathing.

Related Questions

Can vocal cord nodules or polyps hurt?

Not usually. Vocal fold nodules or polyps usually arise from voice abuse or voice misuse. They are rarely painful.

Are vocal cord nodules bilateral? Can they become cancerous?

It depends, It depends on the cause of the nodules/lesions. Lesions from overuse or misuse of the vocal cords like loud yelling are usually symmetric and bilateral, and rarely progress to anything harmful. Those from cancer are more likely to be unilateral and irregular. Either way it's wise to see your doctor if you have any symptoms like hoarse voice to be sure what the cause is.
Nodules and cancer. Nodules by definition are benign (not cancerous). You can think of them like callouses on both vocal cords, typically from voice abuse. They do not turn into cancer. The main risk for cancer of the vocal cords is tobacco use. Talk to your ENT doctor about what you can do to treat your nodules. If you smoke, now would be a great time to quit!

What is the treatment for vocal cord nodules?

ENT first. Start with a good ENT in your area that has experience treating singers. The ENT can determine the correct diagnosis and treatment, which often includes working with a speech therapist to change any vocal habits that may have led to the problem. Voice rest and lots of fluids are a must!
Not surgery. Vocal cord nodules are usually caused by inflammation of the vocal cords. It can be difficult to determine what causes this inflammation. It could be vocal abuse, acid reflux, post nasal drip, allergies, etc. Treating the underlying problem is the key. Surgery is not the answer.

Is vocal cord nodule painful?

Typically no. Vocal cord nodules/cysts typically do not cause pain, but often hoarseness. If the cyst is infected or becoming too large, may cause pain and difficult breathing etc... Obviously you should follow-up with your doc about the nodule and make sure it is not malignant/canerous etc. Good luck.

Are vocal cord nodules caused by hiv?

No. Hiv is not a cause of vocal nodules. Vocal nodules are most often due to voice misuse or abuse, like screaming or yelling.

How do you treat a vocal cord nodule?

Vocal cord nodules. Are usually due to vocal abuse. The main treatment is speech therapy. Also agressive treatment of any acid reflux. Occasionally, surgery is needed for cases that dont clear up with speech therapy.

What are the symptoms of vocal cord nodule?

Hoarseness. Vocal cord nodules are usually caused by vocal abuse. The main symptom is hoarseness. They do not cause pain and can not be felt. An ENT doctor can examine your vocal cords and explain the treatment.

How fast can I make my vocal cord nodule go away?

Depends on the cause. Vocal cord nodule may need resection to ascertain the cause of the nodule. Vocal cord nodules can be cancer, viral infection, voice disuse etc. It would be prudent to consult an ENT specialist.
Vocal cord nodule. Nodules are benign. They are slow to resolve, often taking months. Primary treatment is speech therapy, voice rest and coverage for acid refulx. Surgery is reserved as the last option if non-surgical treatments aren't successful.