Is emphysema permanent? Can someone with emphysema improve?

Permanent. There is no way to reverse emphysema as it is a structural loss of tissue that cannot be regrown. Symptoms can be treated with medication, but the underlying disease is progressive.
Unfortunately . Unfortunately the term "emphysema" refers to irreversible destruction of the lung tissue. Therefore the alveoli, or microscopic parts of the lung tissue that participate in gas exchange that have been damaged resulting in emphysematous lungs, cannot regenerate back into normal lung tissue. However, since the vast majority of cases of emphysema arise from years of smoking-related damage, stopping smoking can prevent further destruction of areas of any remaining normal lung tissue. Furthermore, there are many therapies available for patients with emphysema that can improve their symptoms. There are many effective therapies that can improve breathlessness and coughing, which are the two most common symptoms of emphysema. In conclusion, while the lungs themselves cannot revert back to normal, there are many therapies available that you can talk to your pulmonologist about in order to improve your symptoms and how you feel.