Can ear infections lead to tinnitus? Can an ear infection cause a high pitched noise in one's ear?

Yes. Inner ear infection can lead to ringing (tinnitus) as it affects the semicircular canals. Fluid behind the ear occurs as a result of healing and can lead to a funny sound as well...Chiropractic, homeopathic, craniosacral therapies can all help realign the inner ear and promote drainage of the fluid and spped healing.

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I have had an inner ear infection and now find myself with tinnitus in one ear. Why is this the case?

Infection irritation. If there is an infection within the middle ear then, the increased pressure in that compartment may be transmitted to the inner ear apparatus which is where the 8th nerve lies. Also, the infectious entity itself may be accessing the inner ear compartment since it's all fluid connected and this may be having a direct toxic effect on the 8th nerve hence, the tinnitus.

Tinnitus/plugged right ear after a common cold/ear infection. Used ear drops to help with pain. Now I cant pop my one ear and its ringinh. Ideas?

Ear infection. Ear infection is effected sinus not draining and generally relieved with antihistamine and or sudaphed.
You should see DR. Please visit your Dr. Immediately; It occured because your Eustachian tube is obstructed either by an allergy, an infection, a virus or sometimes a change in shape or function. Often this will follow a cold or throat infection, but can also occur in isolation. Those are the most common • Painful pressure • Hearing reduced, • Tinnitus • Fever and discharge from the ear. Throat pain.

Can outer ear infection cause ringing in ears?

Inner ear. Usually tinnitus is a symptom of hearing loss, or damage to the inner ear. Wax in the ear canal can make tinnitus or ringing seem louder because you do not hear outside sounds as well. Best to consult with your otolaryngologist.

What can cause tinnitis, pain and crackling in both ears other than tmj, etd and inner ear infection?

Still sound like TMJ. You seem to have ruled out TMJ dysfunction. Is this after having a complete neuro-muscular evaluation for tmd? If not, my suggestion would be to find a dentist with advanced training in this area. Your symptoms are many of the classic signs of tmd. Just wearing a bite guard doesn't correct the issue. To find a qualified dentist in your area, go online to pankeydentist. Org and do a search.
Vague. A thorough history and exam would be needed, along with possibly some tests, x-rays, cat scan and a mri. Your symptoms appear to be tmj/tmd related but I would consider seeing an ent.
Joint noise from. A normal joint movement should be noiseless. If you get noise when you open at your age I would suspect you have a problem within the joint. Rule out arthritis and other medical causes and see if you can find someone who will help you find a better functional bite position and treat to a more balanced and functional relationship. See your dentist for help or a referral.
See otologist. Sounds like you've seen an ENT doc. I think you need a more specialized opinion. From an otologist. An otologist is an ENT doc who has done a fellowship in ear disease only. Aside from ear and TMJ, no other viable cause of tinnitus exists. Also Make sure you've ruled out TMJ not by a dentist, but a TMJ expert.

Getting over respitory infection, ear infection now have slight tinnitus.... My? I feel better now, but now when I laugh I start to cough why?

Sensitive. After a respiratory tract infection the lungs are very sensitive. Laughing, exertion and weather changes can all result in cough. Your lungs are healing and your symptoms should improve over the next 7-10 days.

Day 3 into bad ear infection and have mild tinnitus in right ear. Will this subside when infection clears? Ear itself still feels clogged.

Yes. Tinnitus resulting from ear infection usually resolves shortly after the infection clears. If it does not, please return to your doctor to assure cleared and obtain ENT referral.

Dizziness, mild tinnitus, congestion, no pain in ears, sensitivity to sharp noises. Is this an ear infection?

It may be. The best course would be to go and get examined by an ENT physician. You may have some allergic reactions, sinusitis, labyrinthine dysfunction or one of another dozen entities. Go and get seen. Hope you improve soon.