Treatments for chronic back pain? What are some treatment options for someone with chronic back pain?

Depends on Diagnosis. Proper diagnosis is the key here. There are a ton of systems that could cause back pain. Gi, urologic, vascular, musculoskeletal, spinal, etc. If you focus treatment on a system not causing your pain, then you will not get a favorable response in treatment. For spinal etiologies, conservative management is the focus if there are no red flags (e.g. Tumor, infection), and no associated leg pain.

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What are some treatment options for chronic back pain?

Depends on the cause. Treatment for chronic back pain really depends on the cause. If the cause is a muscle/tendon issue, back stretching and strengthening is usually beneficial. If it is due to poor body mechanics, then having a trainer and ergonomic specialist may be helpful. See your doctor to find the cause and discuss with him/her about what treatment options are best for your specific situation.

What are the best treatment options for chronic back pain?

Lifestyle changes. Not smoking, weight control and regular exercise are the key ones. Modifying activity that aggravates the back, trying a back support and use of medication if not medically contraindicated can also make a difference. Physical therapy and injections through pain management may help. Most are treated non operatively.

I have chronic back pain, currently go to pain management, ordered MRIS but cant afford, what are my treatment options? (doctor takes weeks to respond)

Difficult to say. It is necessary to know what one is treating to answer such a question. If a disc has protruded or extruded touching a nerve, options are limited to surgery. Sometimes epidural injections can help. Physical therapy is another option. As you can see, need to know what is the issue. Microsurgery and standard surgical techniques are all on the table.

How can I get treatment for chronic back pain?

Start with your MD. Studies show that most chronic back pain can be managed effectively without medication or surgery. Start with your primary md to discuss. Chiropractors have been shown to be equivalent to allopathic medicine in certain instances so you may wish to get a consultation from one as well.

What is the normal treatment for chronic back pain?

See below. First step is education and trying to unlearn some popular misconceptions about back pain. Next engagement is some type of physical exercise is key. Use of physical therapy, massage, yoga, stress reduction and mind-body techniques are also very helpful. Try to decrease over-reliance on medications, particularly narcotic medications which appear to be rather ineffective and do more harm than good.
Variable. There is no normal treatment. A combination of medication, physical therapy, and minimally invasive injections is a good start.

Why am I having chronic back pain even with treatment?

Chronic back pain. What type treatment; If just physical therapy then you may not be strong enough; try a exercise regimen as YOGA.

So because I do have chronic back pain from my scoliosis, and no medications are working, what do you suggest I do? What is the probable treatment?

Alternative medicine. Chronic back pain is a tough issue. You are already in physical therapy which is one thing I'd recommend. Hard to advise on medications, since I don't know what you have been on. Many people find some relief with massage therapy and chiropractic manipulations. Your physician really knows your case best. I'd ask him what he thinks or get a second opinion.
Perseverance. Depending on the type of scoliosis, severity and progression of symptoms, further evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon and/or physiatrist would helpful. In general though, in order to maintain function and limit disability, most chronic pain conditions are best managed by an aerobic-based, low-impact activity program together with behavioral strategies and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Depends on the curve. Most patients with scoliosis can manage back pain with over the counter NSAIDs, stretching, and core strengthening excercises. Patients with more severe curves may need bracing or surgery. Follow up with your spine dpecialist.
Physical therapy. Since the pain is mechanical, typically the only medications that might help are muscle relaxants. Thus PT and pilates to strengthen your core are the way to go. See a Sports Medicine or PMR doctor for evaluation and referral.
Multiple options. Hopefully you have been seen for your scoliosis by a physician. At your age you have the options of gradual and intense physical therapy, moderate exercise, bracing and surgical intervention if absolutely needed. Since you are 17 have your parents contact the closest Shriners Hospital or a Orthopaedic Surgeon who specializes in spinal dieases and scoliosis. Do not give up it can get better.