What can I do about a strange pain in my spine? When bending, on occasion I feel a sharp pain in my spine in my upper back as though the bones are splitting apart. I stay sore in the area for several days, then it gets completely better. Are these symptom

Thoracic strain. Consider thoracic strain as cause. Do pilates, yoga, swim, flexibility exercises such as ham stretch @ rolling back against wall with tennis ball.
They . They can be. Disk herniations can be felt as back pain, or more typically, pain radiating to the buttocks or lower extremities. You may feel numbness, tingling, pain, weakness, buzzing, or electrical shocks down into your legs. These are highly suggestive of a disk herniation. Back pain itself is not very specific for any one particular problem. If you notice that you have radiating pain in your legs or numbness that worsens when you sit or lift an object, or when you bend over, these might all point to a disk herniation. It sounds like your pain is focused in your back, and unfortunately that alone is not really enough to tell what is causing the pain.