What are the physical activity limitations after shoulder surgery? I've always been physically active and worked out with weights at least three times a week. I had shoulder surgery 3 months ago for dislocation. Will having had this surgery limit what typ

Depends. Restrictions after shoulder surgery are best discussed with the surgeon who performed the operation. Depending on the extent of the surgery there may be life long restrictions from some activities.
That . That really depends on what surgery was done. This is something that should be discussed with your surgeon. In general, shoulder surgery will require you to abstain from certain activities and motions at least in the immediate postoperative period and for 3 months or so afterwards. Ultimately, the restrictions on your shoulder activity should be minimal, if any. Again however, this is entirely dependant on what surgery was done and is something that needs to be discussed with your surgeon in detail before returning to any activities you were doing before surgery.