Is elbow surgery a treatment option for bursitis? Years ago I slipped on ice and I hit the ground with my elbow absorbing most of the impact. My elbow has the classic bump of bursitis and looks ugly, not to mention shooting pain I get on occasion if I to

Bursitis. I would try a compressive wrap and an elbow pad to keep it from getting bumped and more swollen. Surgery can be performed but can have issues with wound healing and infection.
Yes. An olecranon bursitis is a common cause of swelling over the point of the elbow. Sometimes aspiration of the fluid and injection with a steroid can resolve the problem. If not, surgical removal of the bursa is needed. Another option if it is not painful is to simply live with it.
The . The first thing that i want to know in this case is what is causing this bump. Bursitis does not typically produce shooting pain when touched. Usually moving the joint will compress or stretch the bursa, and can cause pain if the bursa is inflamed (aka bursitis). Tenderness to palpation could represent a neuroma, which is essentially a scarring of a nerve that can happen when a nerve is traumatized, such as in a fall. A neuroma is a ball of disorganized nerve cells, and they can be very sensitive to pressure. You may be familiar with a morton's neuroma, which is simply a neuroma of a small nerve in the foot. Also consider that the fall may not have caused the bump, but actually drew your attention to a problem that was already there, or that began around the time of the fall by coincidence. I have seen many cases where a simple fall caused pain that prompted a visit to a doctor or a workup that ultimately revealed a much different problem, such as a tumor or an infection that in some cases was completely unrelated to the trauma. I recommend you have a medical professional examine you so that the exact nature of this "bump" be clarified.