Can sunglasses be bad for my eyes? Is it better to have darker-colored lenses or higher uv protection (or both)? I heard that darker sunglasses cause the pupil to dilate more, which makes your eyes more vulnerable to uv rays. Is this true? Should I get li

Ultraviolet . Ultraviolet (uv) light is harmful to the eyes, especially large amounts over long periods of time. In the United States, all sunglasses are required to block a very large percentage of the uv rays. The darkness of the sunglasses does not affect the uv filtering ability, since uv light is invisible and the uv blockers are clear. It is true that darker the sunglasses will open the pupil more and thus let in more uv light, but since almost all of it is being filtered by the sunglasses, this is not something to worry about. The exception would be specific eye diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa, in which extra high uv protection is a good idea.
UV . Uv light may cause damage to sensitive tissues in the eye and increase the progression of cataracts. In addition to dr. Caster's recommendations and comments, i also recommend sunglasses with high uv rating to protect your eyes from harmful uv rays.