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During sex I bleed I have an ovarian cyst what cause that. And how do you know you have ovarian cancer?

See doctor. It is not feasible to know why you bleed during sex, without examining you. You should see a gynecologist to address the issues you raised as this forum may not be appropriate for your concerns.

Does ovarian cancer cause lymph node behind ear to get really big?

Can=yes. Is=No. Can ovarian cancer cause lymphadenopathy (big lymph nodes) behind the ear? Yes. Will it, not likely. Ovarian cancer usually spread to the abdominal lymph nodes and can spread thoughout the lining of the abdomen (=peritoneum) as well as liver. Any organ or lymph node could be involved but the post auricular lymph nodes would be unusual.
Not likely. Ovarian cancer spreads to the pelvic lymph nodes and peritoneum, i.e., the lining of the abdomen. A single enlarged retro-auricular lymph node is not likely to be due to ovarian cancer.