What can I do to deal with hot flashes? Are there any tricks to dealing with hot flashes? Things I can eat or drink to make them less frequent or more tolerable? Once I have then are there any ways to make them stop or get rid of them? Tricks to cooling d

All have risks. Check with your md re: other possible causes. If it's menopause it should lessen with time if untreated. All medications have potential risks. Common tx for menopausal hot flashes include estrogen, ssri's and clonidine. Check with your physician for more specific info. Meanwhile avoid anything that you find that sets them off, like alcohol, spicy foods, etc.
Hot . Hot flashes or vasomotor symptoms occur in response to falling estrogen levels and other hormonal changes in menopause. The most effective treatment is hormone (estrogen) replacement therapy (hrt). However, a large medical trial demonstrated that there are significant risks to hrt and therefore most doctors do not recommend it except in cases of terrible or debilitating hot flashes or some other isolated cases. There are some other meds that help limit hot flashes and certainly soy based Estrogens (think edamame and soybeans) have been shown to help, but most women fine that the hot flashes fade over a couple years after menopause. Speak to you doctor about treatment options.