Too young to have osteoporosis? Obviously making sure you are building strong bones is important at any age, but at what age does one really start to watch for signs of osteoporosis? And although I am young now, what can I do to prevent it? Is it possible

Peak. Peak bone density occurs for most women in their 20's - 30's and can begin to decline after that. The best way to maintain bone density even at a young age is to continue weight bearing exercise...Walking, jogging, etc. And get enough calcium and vitamin d in your diet. At least 1200 mg of calcium and 1000 iu of vitamin are recommended to maintain healthy bones. There may be some genetic factors at work in the development of osteoporosis as well, but dietary calcium and exercise are the best defense.
Ostopenia age. You can have osteoporosis at any age. But usually women need worry only at the age of menopause when ovaries stop producing the bone saving hormones. Some folks can get severe early osteoporosis: skinny women long distance runners are famous for creating a problem - especially if they run so much their periods stop, lack of adequate calcium absorption from inadequate vit d, excess etoh or drugs.