How soon can I exercise after stroke? How soon after a mild stroke can one begin regular physical activity? How about exercise?

Immediately. Post stroke rehabilation is the key to recovery. As long as blood pressure is controlled and there are no other medical reasons not to exercise, one should immedicately begin a program with a therapist to adress and neurologic deficiencies as well as retrain the brain to work around these deficiencies.The extent of neuro limitations will determine whether inpatient or outatient care is best.
It's . It's a good idea to take a week off after a stroke, but not to avoid activity. Remember that people with severe strokes are sent to physical therapy right away. I recommend easing back into your life over a week, then you may be back to your normal routine. Exercise in moderation is usually ok. However, you must talk with your doctor about this. The real question is why did you have a stroke? That question needs to be answered before you exercise -- you may need new medications and you have to discuss your plans with your doctor. It is a mistake to just "have a mild stroke" and then change nothing without figuring out why that happened.