What would cause numbness and tingling next to spinal cord? A few months ago I was in an auto accident - I was fine, but a week later I began to feel numbness and a tingling sensation in my upper back a few inches to the right of my spinal cord. This feel

Muscle spasms. Thick bands of muscles are located on both sides of the spinal column. Often following injury these will go into spasm and even pinch nerves that result in tingling and numbness. Good relaxation, stretching, yoga, etc may help. Muscle relaxant medications may help. Massage may help. Good neurological evaluation would be appropriate.
Since . Since your symptom is localized to such a small area, it is possible you have a pinched nerve. This could be from some minor damage in the accident, or from a muscle spasm that could be pinching the nerve. It depends on where you get the sensation. If you can do things to avoid getting the sensation, i suggest doing that. But since this is now months later i'm a little worried why you still get the symptom. It could be a problem in your spine that is pinching the nerve, and you may want to see a doctor about it. If it bothers you enough, an MRI of the cervical and thoracic spine will answer the question.