Is wine causing my migraine? I love to drink wine, but even after just one glass I develop a migraine. Why does this happen, and does this mean I have to give up wine?

Could be allergic . You may be allergic to sulphites, which are common in red wine. Try either a mild white wine ( less sulphites) or sulphite free straight vodka or scotch if you desire to consume alcohol. Good luck!
Unfortunately . Unfortunately i think you know the best answer to this. Wine, particularly red wine, can be a trigger for migraines. Nobody knows why this happens, but you appear to have proven that it's true in your case. Sometimes it is not the alcohol itself that does it, so other options are possible. But if any alcoholic drink gives you a migraine, you have an easy solution. One potential workaround is to take a tylenol (acetaminophen) or Ibuprofen an hour beforehand. But I do not recommend doing that very frequently, at most twice a week, because you will develop rebound headaches from the frequent medication.