How do I fix bad breath? What can I do about especially bad breath?

Find the cause. Bad breath can be caused by cavities, gum inflammation (gingivitis), from your stomach or a collection of germs on your tongue. I would recommend checking with your dentist.
See a dentist. This one is pretty obvious. Start with the dentist to find out about your oral health. This includes checking you for periodontal disease, cavities and possible tooth infections. The dentist or hygienist will work with you on how to improve your situation. If your breath problem does not improve you may be referred to other specialists to help with your issue.
Hygiene. Oral hygiene, gastric, sinus issues are the leading causes of bad breath poor oral hygiene leads to periodontal issues. Also diet can affect your breath. Good brushing, including your tongue, flossing, regular dental cleanings, are where to start. If the problem continues, address the other above issues.
See below . Bad breath is from one of two places your stomach or your mouth you should see your dentist immediatly to determine if this is from infections in your mouth if your mouth is clean then yuor having digestive problems and need to see a physician. A if its digestive, a liver flush could help see my website natdent.Com.