What will mold in my house do to me? What are the health effects of black mold in the house? I have some black mold in my home, which I can't seem to eradicate completely with any level of cleaning.

Respiratory probs. Generaly mold causes respiratory problems, such as runny and congested nose and sometimes asthma. Some individuals also develop sinus disease. Not all black mold is stachybotris, the dangerous mold. Apply bleach to all mold you see and keep the area dry. Mold thrives on humidity, get an dehumidifier and turn it on all the time to dry up the area that grows mold.
Sometimes a problem. Black mold can be a problem if people in the house are allergic to it. Even for those not allergic, with sufficiently high exposure, allergic symptoms may develop. Some mold species are more likely to do this than others.