How do flu shots affect hiv+ individuals? Are flu shots risky if I'm HIV positive?

Flu shot in HIV+. Influenza vaccine uses inactivated antigen to stimulate an immune response in the body. Hiv+ pts' immune response will depend on how much of their immune system is intact, as indicated by their cd4+ count. Hiv pts should get only the injected, attenuated (inactive) virus, never the live virus inhaled form [flumist].

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Can a person that's HIV positive take the flu shot twice in one year?

Immunology question. This is a good Q when you try to think 'what' is going on with an HIV infection, and 'how' the body responds to flu vaccine. There is actually a 'high dose' flu shot on the market that is equal to FOUR flu shots. So the question you raise is an academic one. I would definitely ask your HIV provider or an ID doctor who could help you. This is what we call 'going off label' so not every doc agrees. Read more...